Sorry, we do not ship to AK, DE, HI, AA, AE, AP or any other location outside of the mainland.


To Embroider your Order:

  1. Only add eligible product to your cart.
  2. Click the Click Here to Embroider button at the top of your cart.
    Note: Any non-eligible products will be removed upon pressing the button.
  3. Upload your Design. We accept multiple types of images including pictures of any quality (.pdf .ai .tiff .png .jpg .psd .jpeg .bmp). If you have a picture of your logo we will embroider it.
  4. Assign a friendly name and choose the number of colors to be stitched.
  5. Choose the approximate size you would like your logo stitched.
  6. Choose a fabric background that best matches a product you want to embroider, this will help you preview how it would look.
  7. You will be presented with different options of enhanced Artwork depending on the Artwork you uploaded, please choose what matches best your expectations.
  8. We will do an approximate detection of your Artwork's colors. Choose the colors you want stitched and if you have any comment for them please use the box. If a color is not detected properly or want a color change you can use the comment box to let us know too.
    • If there is a color missing, it will probably be shown in the bottom section. Clicking on it will make it appear in the list.
  9. If your Artwork still has comments, is missing a color or any other important information, use the step 5 to leave additional comments.
  10. Press Continue and it will take you back to the cart with your customization added.

Please note for the Embroidery:

  • At this time we are only able to handle corporate logos. Personal pictures and artwork are not eligible for embroidery.
  • The colors in your artwork will be best matched (not Pantone matched).
  • Currently we only support one position for all items in the same order.
  • Logo embroidery will be stitched in standard sizes.
  • We do not visualize the logo at the time of order.
  • Within a couple of days of placing the order we will:
    1. Send you a mockup of the logo on the product
    2. Send you an image of the actual embroidered logo on the product fabric
  • With your approval production will be completed in around 4 business days.
  • For embroidery orders there are no returns and refunds.