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We are proud to offer the finest selection of blank clothing in America.

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We do not print or embroider. For blanks, our prices can't be beat!

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  • Show all the product information we have. That includes images, sizing information, descriptions, materials, material weight, and color samples.
  • Complete inventory information. Don't worry about out-of-stock items or substitutions. We show which products are good for small or bulk orders. We won't sell what we don't have.
  • Shipping and delivery dates. No unclear "usually ships", "shipping today" on a Sunday, or special shipping conditions. We check our warehouses and automatically ship the order to you as fast as possible at no extra charge.
  • Fastest shipping at no extra charge. Don't pay more for Next Day shipping. We don't even have to offer this service. We use our national network of 10 warehouses to provide fast deliveries at UPS Ground rates.
  • Free or cheap shipping. Just enter your address. We clearly show free or the cheap flat-rate shipping fee on the cart page. You do not need to create an account or give personal information first.
  • We won't change your order. We never backorder, remove out-of-stock items and ship the rest, or substitute items. We show inventory information so you can buy what we have in stock.
  • Automatic bulk discounting. You don't have to call and bargain hoping to get a fair price. We automatically give the maximum discount on bulk orders to all customers.
  • Tracking info emailed on the shipping day. Don't worry about your package. We send the tracking information automatically.
  • We do not keep your credit card information. Safer than phone or fax orders. We don't want people to see our information, why would you? Our staff never sees your complete credit card information. To protect you from hackers, we use advanced security. Once your order is complete, we delete this information from our system. For your protection, you must enter this private information for every order.
  • We respect and protect your privacy. We never share your information. We delete all we can after shipping. We never harass you with junk email.

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Do not return items to this address. Submit a return request for a free return shipping label.
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Do not return items to this address. Submit a return request for a free return shipping label.