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Cotton Cdy
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CAD-CUT Fashion-FILM Electric Heat Transfer Vinyl

Style 010118
Model: 010118
Sizes: 12x12", 12x36", 12x180", 12x360"
  • Create fashionable looks that get noticed with the soft sheen of Fashion-FILM® Electric
  • Satin, metallic finish
  • Thin, soft, & durable
  • Bright color palette
  • Great choice for cutting fine-detailed designs
  • CPSIA certified—safe to use on children's clothing
  • 95 microns/.095 mm thick
  • Polyurethane (PU) composition
  • Clear carrier
  • Can be applied with any heat press, standard home iron, or Cricut® EasyPress™
  • Easily cut on any craft or professional-grade vinyl cutter
  • Layering: Can be used as bottom or top layer. Only press each layer for 2-3 seconds. For final layer, press for full application time.
  • Applies to Cotton, Polyester, Pre-shrunk Cotton, Cotton/Poly Blends, Lycra®/Spandex
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